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My name is Toby, and I am a psychology and studio art double major with a social justice minor. I have loved just about every psychology class I’ve taken, but my specialty is in quantitative psychology. If I continue with psychology after undergrad, it will definitely be to go on and get my master’s in quantitative psychology. In art, I specialize in digital art and sculpture. I can’t draw very well but I love to design stickers, posters, and do photography/video art as well. My preferred sculpture medium is additive wire/found object sculpture.

Here at UMW I work as a Farmer Fellow/Diversity Peer Educator. That means throughout the year I hold facilitations on important subjects like microaggressions, implicit bias, and the power of language as well as educating on accessibility and leading Safe Zone trainings. I am also on the planning committee for Disability Awareness month, the vice president and president-elect of the Delta Alpha Pi Honor Society, and I’m the James Farmer Multicultural Center Faculty Advisory Committee’s student representative!!

This semester in American Studies – VA Issues I’m doing a project on native plants on campus- or the lack thereof. I grew up in an area of southwestern Hampton Roads that was filled with farmland, so I’ve always been passionate about the environment and agriculture. This website is where I’ll be displaying everything I learn!!

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